Thursday, September 17, 2009

Leaving on a jet plane...Or not?

Sooo, my lovely younger sister is supposed to be getting married on December the 23. Well my dear husband and I have been killing ourselves scheduling time off of work and saving money to get there and since we have tried to save money everything has to go terribly wrong right? Well first off I got terribly sick with my asthma and was in and out of ER 3 weeks ago and spent nearly 300 dollars on prescriptions. Then our compressor on our A/C unit went out when it was 98 degrees and 94 percent humidity outside, that was another 700 dollars. It seemed as though everytime we had the money to buy our tickets something came up quickly and cost us a good chunk of money. Well then last week we were going to get our tickets and now we have a freaking leak in our laundry room roof!!! What in the heck is going on??? Are we not meant to buy these tickets or is this normal of typical of home ownership(first year, first time buyers)? So this repair that we have to make is going to cost us 500 dollars and thats just a rough estimate because nothing has been ripped apart yet. Ok so this all just happened in like a four week period of time. Lovely I know but life goes on! So now we have the money saved and before any catastrophe can hit my sister sends me a text message that says "Did you already get your bridesmaid dress and plane tickets?" I say, " No remember that dress was discontinued and now I have to find a new style." She then responds with, " Ok good we are talking about moving the wedding back to this spring." ....Uhhhh......Ok? This is the third time she has called it off or moved it...I love my sister and I want to be there for her on her big day but she needs to make up her mind already! and yeah I guess I am kind of glad that "other things" got in the way of buying the tickets but did it have to cost so damn much to stall us on the tickets? LOL! I guess its a good thing I can laugh about this. So as of right now anything could go wrong with the house and then my sister could decide that she wants to keep the date for december the 23 and we could be SOL again, but thats just life! :-)

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