Monday, September 14, 2009

My momma

Well my mom just called me a few minutes ago and the convo started like this,

Mom: Well I really didnt want to say anything to you about this but dad made me he said you have the right to know it from me not here it from someone at work.(We both work for the same headstart.)

Me: Mom are you ok?

Mom: Yeah but my bloodwork came back off and they were doing scans of all my vital organs and they found gallstones and polyps on my gallbladder...I'm not telling Gramma or anyone in Oregon because you know how they will worry because this is how grampa's cancer started.

My grandfather was having problems with his gallbladder had it removed and suffered a most horrible death from cancer after his surgery and I am absolutely terrified for my mother...Please keep her in your prayers, she goes back to her specialist on the 22nd of this month. Pray for it just to be a bad gallbladder and no cancer. Also please pray for her not to be scared, she is very scared...We just lost my aunt 2 weeks ago to cancer also. I'm trying very hard not to cry....


  1. oh no honey! I'm sorry :(
    Lets all hope and pray that its nothing too terribly serious and at the least she'll have to get her gallbladder removed and move on.
    Love you girly <3

  2. Thanks brandy I apreciate your prayera and support <3



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